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Foundation Facts


Foundation Facts Sheet

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We currently offer 4 finish options. Finishes from top to bottom are: Coyote, Dark Distressed, Dark, Natural.

Dark Distressed
Dark Distressed
Dark Finish
Natural Finish

All Foundation Stocks have a recommended torque spec of 55 in-lbs for the action bolts.

Foundation Stocks ship standard with a 13.5” LOP on all models with the exception of the Revelation, which ships standard at 13”. They can be adjusted by the addition or subtraction of spacer from 13” LOP to 16.5” LOP. If long is necessary please give us a call.

Several models of our stocks come in ‘standard’ and ‘light’ configurations. Please note the difference in weight is more about affecting balance than it is about offering a light vs heavy option. When weight is take out of our stocks for the ‘light’ version it is taken out of the rear portion of the stock. Because of this a rule of thumb is a build with a heavy contour barrel will balance better with a standard weight stock while a light contour barrel will lend itself to better balance with the light version. Please give us a call to discuss your specific build if you would like recommendations.

  • Genesis Standard (MG1)– 5lbs 7 oz
  • Genesis Light (MG1L)– 5lbs
  • Exodus Standard No Baghook (ME1) – 5lbs 8 oz
  • Exodus Standard w/ Baghook (ME1B)– 5lbs 5oz
  • Exodus Light No Baghook (ME1L)– 5lbs 1 oz
  • Exodus Light w/Baghook (ME1LB)– 4lbs 14oz
  • Revelation Standard (MR1)– 3lbs 14oz
  • Revelation Heavy (MR1H)– 5lbs
  • Genesis 2 Standard w/ Baghook (MG2B)– 5lbs 9oz
  • Genesis 2 Standard No Baghook (MG2) –  5lbs 12oz
  • Genesis Light w/ Baghook (MG2L) – 5lbs 2oz
  • Genesis Light No Baghook (MG2LB)– 5lbs 5oz

Install & Care

Foundation Stocks are a drop-in system. Simple place your barrel action in the stock, ensuring the recoil lug is sitting against the back of the recoil lug pocket* and bolt hole are in lines with holes in stock. Insert bottom metal and action bolts, snugging both front and rear bolts. Final torque to 55 in-lbs beginning with bolt closest to recoil lug.

*Standing the rifle on the buttstock can assist with ensuring recoil lug is seated against recoil lug wall.

The finishes on our stocks are hardy but will scratch cosmetically when ran across abrasive surfaces. Give us a call and we can give you specific tips to touch up your stock per finish.

Foundation Stocks are extremely tough and durable; however, nothing is infallible. If there are ever any issues with any stock we have produced we will address and correct promptly.